totally inspired just when I need it

Bent on Life
Bent on Life

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason and fate will jump in and assist at the most appropriate time if you allow it to. People inspire me, they drive me and ignite my passion. Food is one of those passions, wine is another but surprisingly for some, money is not. I am quite a material being as long as those material things are beautiful, they do not need to be expensive but they must be beautiful. My homewares and gift store, Bent on Life feeds that indulgence by allowing me to shop for the most beautiful gifts for people and also glorious pieces for their homes. I also get to go to Melbourne for Gift Fair with my beautiful and very patient sister, Andre, who also loves to shop and to eat, although she is a gym junkie so you can’t see her indulgence like you see mine.  Bent on Food lets me work with food and with people, and sometimes I get to work with wine too.

Kochie and Marcia
Me and my beautiful sisters

Occasionally our direction gets a bit confused and we forget the very reason why we started what we did. I have made a few decisions about my future and I  feel that I have made the right choices.  I believe that you must seek answers deep inside yourself because generally thats where you find truth.

 Recently I have been blessed by opportunity, its no accident and it hasn’t just happened, because I am a driver not a passenger and I believe that I make things happen. Now that is not a brag, it is a message to those that blame everyone but themselves when life doesn’t go as planned.  I cant say I met anyone negative at Kochie’s Business Bootcamp last month when Marcia Bourke and I took up an opportunity to spend 2 days in Sydney to learn more about business from the most inspiring people in what seems like the whole world. It was a great opportunity to bond with Marcia and we came away like we had known each other forever. We were both so inspired and this is probably what lead me to make the decision to buy the cookery school, Duck under the Table so that is what I am doing, and I can’t wait. This is where my passion lies, I just love the way people feel when they learn something new. A few weeks ago I learnt to make bread and it was such a gratifying experience that everyone should  do it. So in a few weeks I hope to post all the news on the new Bent on Food Cheese making and Cookery school. You will be thrilled with what I have planned, well  hope so anyway!

And my fabulous partner Grahame remains forever hopeful that I will not turn every moment into a business opportunity. x

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