Women of Wisdom

Maggie Beer and I

Sandra, Maggie Beer and I

Yesterday on the 19th floor of the Commonwealth Bank building, overlooking Darling Harbour, I celebrated 100 years of International Womens Day amongst 130 of the most amazing women,  all successful in their own right. It was a wonderful event focusing on the contribution of women to the food industry. Even the fabulous sparkles matched to each course and supplied by the effervescent  Champagne Jayne was made by a woman. I was like a little girl in a toyshop,  incredibly excited to be there and to meet my idol Maggie Beer. I witnessed some incredible comradery amongst the women who attended and all of them were so interested in what we were doing there. While lunch was a huge bonus, I was actually there with Sandra from Red Plateau Organics to promote Manning Valley Produce and our Manning Valley Naturally Tourism brand. We built a beautiful display full of local  produce which was adored by all in the room. Many great contacts were made and I was reacquainted with old friends.  I was so happy to run into industry mates and to see them doing well with their careers and their personal lives.  It was nice to meet new people and I must congratulate the  lovely ladies who organised the day, happy to help us with anything we requested.

Our display

I love the way we women share, we share our views on almost anything, we share our secrets, we share our heartaches and we are always happy to tell the truth about life and its ups and downs. Yesterday, we  listened in awe to two women, well actually three if you include the dynamo Sue Bennett, editor of what I call “the bible” otherwise known as “The Good Living”,  who was compere of the day. Sue asked Maggie Beer and fellow panelist Ronni Kahn about what inspired them and how they managed to stay inspired. Maggie said exactly what I always say; do something you love doing and then it isn’t like going to work every day. It’s all about following your heart and I can honestly say after 18 years in the wine industry working with winemakers and chefs, followed by 6 years working in my own business, I have always remained passionate about the industry. I get tired, I get broke, I even cry, but deep down I know that I do what I love.

Ronni Kahn and I

It was great to hear the difference that Ronni Kahn makes to peoples lives, collecting food from supermarkets and restaurants and feeding the homeless and the poor. This year her program will go National. Her word of advice to me when I said I wished I could give more, “just give a little each day, give a coffee to a customer who has no money or give a donation, just give a little’. I felt better then. After listening to these women, I know there is so much more to give, we are all busy, but these are the women that inspire us, they certainly inspire me and I never once heard them say those words that I hear time after time, those words that I am banning from my vocabulary “I am just too busy”.

Ronni Kahn, Maggie Beer and Sue Bennett

Kerry from World Par tea with Maggie Beer


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