A few thoughts on leadership

As a business owner and leader of a small team, I have spent years getting better at leadership. I have been reasonably successful and I occasionally fail but the most important advice I would give, is to learn by your mistakes and understand that we must occasionally fail to succeed.

The best thing someone ever did for me is to tell me I wasn’t a great leader, this just made me all the more determined.

Following on from some recent discussions I have had about leadership and what makes a good leader, I have gathered my thoughts and followed a few of my favourite leaders to come up with my take on good leadership. Here are my conclusions:

1. Good leaders tell it how it is, nip it in the bud and move on.

2. They must be respected enough to be followed into battle. Respect and like are not always the same thing.

3. Without a team, there is no leader. Whether it be the workplace, a sporting team or a committee, a good leader can hold a team together and attract people into the fold.

4. Leaders are communicators.

5. Leaders trust their team enough to make them succeed, they relinquish control when they need to.

6. Good leaders don’t want what is best for them, they want what is best for the business/team/group that they represent.

7. Good leaders are real, they understand that people like to be heard. They can be vulnerable and understand that real people are not designed to be positive 100% of the time.

8. Good leaders can visualise the big picture while always keeping an eye on the small things that matter.

9. In the year 2019 and beyond, a good leader will fight for a better world. They are the people in communities that others listen to. In my opinion, they must fight for Climate Change and put the planet and people ahead of profits.

10. A good leader will respect and learn from other good leaders.

11. A good leader knows when to step away and let another leader take over.

12. Leaders inspire others, they must take responsibility for how their actions affect others.

At this moment, I am holidaying with my sisters and niece in Greece. A good leader trusts their team to manage the operation while they take important time out with loved ones.