Am I the only one wasting time?

I wrote this post on 3rd November 2010, I thought I would share it again.

It is 10.45 and I could probably work all night and still feel like I am no further ahead, it is that time of year when corporate customers want to know what the hamper selection will be, Christmas parties are coming in hard and fast, the change in the weather means the menu should have been changed by now,  the staff are taking leave before it all turns a bit crazy, (in hindsight a little but late). Then there is the homewares shop, such a beautiful distraction in an otherwise crazy world, but still in some need of attention. To top it off, we have a wedding to cater for this weekend.

So does anyone out there have any idea of how I can manage my time more effectively? I know what you must think, less facebook, why the blog?  and why oh why can’t you just get into it and get it done and stop making excuses.  I once went to a time management course and they told me I needed to prioritise, I find myself repeating this instruction to my own staff but do any of us follow our own instructions? I doubt it very much. Wise people tell us not to take so much on, but who wants to die of boredom?  I have learnt one very important message from my frustrations, do not look at your accomplishments daily, some days I honestly think I have done bugger-all but if I look at what I accomplish in a month, or in a year, then I do not feel so bad. I do feel guilty sometimes and it is not about work, its about time not spent with those who matter, with friends and loved ones. Another wise person (the world is full of them) once said you will never look back and say “I should have worked a bit harder”. How very true.
Have a great day

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